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Fake soy deli ham is such a good addition to my line-up this week.  This, after touting how excited I was about soaking and cooking my own, dried, wonderful beans…  They were great, too.  I had a good lunch with the black-eyed peas from this morning, but I didn’t have my camera!  I had a bowl of spinach (that I should not have wilted first), black-eyed peas, barbecue sauce, and some cooper sharp american cheese.  I ate it with a piece of toasted potato bread (because potato toast didn’t sound as good).

Dinner was very simple, after some plans fell through, and then other plans were rearranged…  Grilled ham and cheese with tomato.

The tomato made it on just in time, when I remembered my dad had a sorry one in the fridge.  And the cheese didn’t heat up all the way because of the chilly tomato, so against better judgment, it went in the microwave after crisping up.  It was still great.  I ate it with my dad over some Jeopardy.  And then I decided I needed more, and was in the mood for a dessert course.  Enter, an entire plantain.  At least I got in some sort of vegetation…  😉

It wasn’t quite as ripe as I like them, so I added a little cinnamon and powdered sugar.  Pretty big for a second course, but it was perfect.  Now, to bed!  I have actually made plans to go to the gym in the morning.  Hopefully it doesn’t backfire; I’ve never given my word to someone other than myself that I would show up.  I’ve promised to be at a friend’s house at 5:45 to ride together.  She called it motivation.  I’m calling it early.  Good luck to me!  It’s the only time I can fit it in, really.  As long as we can get tickets, I’m seeing Ingrid in Philly tomorrow night!  It’s becoming a trend.  One person I constantly agree to go see perform.  At least it’s something, to keep reminding myself that my life away from New Orleans is still a lot of fun.  🙂