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My lunches are becoming my favorite meals.  I spend 2.3 minutes putting them together.  Is it possible I have such little energy or time at night that I can’t do this for my other meals?!  Ridiculous.  Haha.  Regardless, today was another awesome clean-out-the-fridge lunch.

I cooked up some raw mushrooms and spinach in the microwave for 30 seconds, then added some grilled asparagus from the weekend and 2 whole eggs.  It took longer to cook the egg whites through, I guess because of the volume of everything else.  Then I topped it with cooper sharp american cheese and a sprinkle of garlic.

It was so wonderful.  Best 2.3 minutes a girl ever spent in the kitchen.  :-p  And, I’m soaking beans for tomorrow.  I feel like a bad vegetarian for how long it’s been since I’ve thought to prepare some in advance.  I blew through all my canned beans, and have been resorting to foods that are more processed (not that it’s hard to get more processed than dry beans).

I had less black beans than I thought, so I checked cooking times, and mixed them with some pintos.  My second pot soaking is black-eyed peas, which are way overlooked.  I think they have a little less protein than other beans, but calorie-for-calorie, they’re probably close.  I think I convinced my mom to turn on the pot in the morning so I can have them for lunch!  Black-eyed peas only take about 30 minutes… the others will be around 90.

I’m still having problems with sugar; it didn’t get any more under wraps today.  But I’m going to try to not have any added sugar tomorrow or Friday and see what happens.  I think I have that in me.

On that note, cake decorating class was pretty fun tonight.  We started learning flowers made with royal icing, which will set up and stay fine for a very long time.  We’re supposed to save some from this week and next to decorate our grand cake in week four.  🙂