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One of my absolute favorite things from years past was a sandwich on the beach (turkey and cheese, to be specific).  I haven’t tried to swap it for myself yet, and I have no idea why!  Maybe I blocked it out of my mind as a defense mechanism to keep the vegetarianism alive.

Anyway.  It was my favorite lunch ever…  Turkey and cheese on multigrain bread, with at least 3/4 inch of lettuce.  I changed out the mayo for mustard in high school, and was pretty happy with that.

So today, we had beach lunch success!  I used whole wheat potato bread, spicy mustard, cooper sharp american cheese, and soy deli ham, and swapped the iceberg for spinach, since I had it and it has a little nutrition in it.  🙂

I cannot wait to eat as many as my loaf of bread allows.

Happy birthday to my brother!  He wasn’t feeling well at first, but we ended up having a really fun visit.  This helped:

My mom asked if I could do the writing if they picked up a blank cake, but I said I didn’t feel good enough about it just yet.  Turns out, I would have been fine.  Haha.  Immediately after some ice cream cake, and forgetting about it 3 separate times, guess what I got to make?!  Icing.  I’m starting the next month of cake decorating tomorrow night.  We’re working on mostly flowers this time, and using a new icing.  Royal icing sets up hard, and the flowers feasibly last forever.  So no fat in the icing; it’s almost completely powdered sugar.

That’s right – a bowl of sugar.  Which reminds me that I decided to start paying closer attention to the amount of sugar I’m eating.  Not because I ate a bunch of icing (really!), but because I know in general, my sweet tooth can quickly get out of control… during my last decorating class, any time we have a birthday at work, basically any time dessert presents itself.

My mom was told she is pre-diabetic at a doctor’s appointment recently, and I was reminded of all the stories of her giving my grandmother insulin injections every day.  I don’t want any bad habits to keep going with me and turn into something bad.  I tried to get her to start paying attention to it and try to cut down on sweets, but it hasn’t stuck with her yet.  Hopefully if I work on it, it will rub off on her…  It did with a few other things.  Even with all the backlash against some of my food choices, it’s exciting that I’ve become a positive influence on some people in my family.  🙂

Now, I must go finish up my cry with Teen Mom.  Catelynn & Tyler ruin me every single time I watch.  They gave their daughter up for adoption, and are so eloquent and loving every time they talk about their decision.  Gosh, what has happened to me?  I never used to be this much of a mess over things like this.  Haha.