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The past week was such a great time.  It was so much work, 12 days straight, and a few of them over 13 hours.  But it was also so much fun this year.

I am a slow reader… with a bad attention span.  But I walked onto the first plane with Water for Elephants on page 17, and just finished the book.

It was amazing.  Seriously, it’s in my top five favorite books.  Thanks to my sis for the recommendation.  It will also be turning into a movie sometime next year.  In between pages on my four flights, I made a few friends, including one guy from Florida traveling for the same show we were, who also happened to be on our return flight to Florida.

I got teased for some airplane photos I took.

But I wasn’t the only one that was really enjoying the view.

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Monday was an incredibly fun night.  I don’t have any photos to share, for a few reasons.  I was too afraid to take photos; I was worried about breaking my camera;  I just reviewed what few photos I do have, and those I’d be willing to share with the world are not very worthwhile.

We went to a wax museum for an event.  We had a few drinks and a few snacks upstairs, and then headed downstairs to tour.  We had some expectations of Marilyn Monroe and the sort.  Turns out, it was a historical wax museum, depicting New Orleans history.  It was descriptive, and pretty gruesome.  I wedged my camera in my pocket and lodged myself continuously between one of our two gentlemen and the wall, so I didn’t scream in terror and ruin my street cred.  I, however, did not make it through the last leg.  I saw the beginnings of the worst scene yet, and ran away in near-hysterics.  Drinking my wine with the hostesses was a much better use of those 5 minutes.

From there we headed to another event, on a balcony on Bourbon Street.  This is where I was afraid I would drop my camera, while leaning over the edge, and getting my knee stuck in the railing upwards of 3 times.  I don’t know how often I’d be able to do nights like this one, but I’m really glad I went; it was a great time.  We got lost on our “five-minute” walk back to our hotel, by going in the exact wrong direction for about 1/2 an hour.  The walk was fun, too, though.  The next day, essentially nothing was fun.

I had a few other nice dinners, went shopping, and visited the Riverwalk Marketplace.  We went to one of Emeril’s restaurants on our last night in town.  I do not like Emeril, but the food and the wine were incredible.  When I called to make reservations, I asked if they would be able to accommodate two vegetarians in our party, and they recommended giving the chef free range and letting him “make something special.”  It was great… sort of a big pile of swiss chard, lima beans, & a few potatoes and black-eyed peas, in a creamy lemony sauce, topped with three pieces of fried okra.  Celebrated along with big glasses of wine, and then three desserts shared three ways (the best, of course, being the chocolate-caramel-peanut butter pie).

And on our final morning, there were beignets (at Cafe du Monde).

I might be leaving bits out, but those are the acceptable highlights.  It was a definite success.  But I’ve finished the book, and still haven’t quite pulled myself out of this small post-travel funk.  It’ll work itself out soon…  I guess this is just becoming my benchmark for a great trip.