It’s always a struggle for me when I come back from trips… to fit together the life I’m leading here and the life I was living for the past week. It will work itself out soon, but I’m in the post-trip misery stage, I think. I had some good things to dwell on during my flight home (the first flight, in the afternoon), and I would pull myself out of sleep and realize that I was grinning. I think it was that kind of trip.

I did good things during the trip: I remembered to floss 2 times at the beginning of the week, and I made it to the gym 2 separate mornings. This morning, I decided I needed to sleep instead… And the other morning that did not see the gym came after a night out on the town.

I made a lot of friends throughout the week – very short-lived ones, like with my neighbors on my many plane rides, and good talks with some of the guys I work with. I love getting together with the managers from around the country. I only met them all last year at this show, so this time around we all got to talk and bond a little bit… mostly the southern guys and the Chicago guys. I spent a while with one of our regional managers, too, which I hadn’t gotten a chance to do before this week. He was in protector-mode for a lot of the trip, checking up on us while we were out, and making sure we had company and no one bothering us. He was basically the reason I found myself out on Bourbon Street on Monday night… It was a great time. I’ll be able to throw out some more details soon, and maybe a photo or two. But I have to lay down now. It’s 11:30 here, 10:30 in my brain, and soon to be way too early to wake up yet again. I’m pretty fried. It was a great week. And I just have to get through one more workday (number 12 with a bullet) and what will probably be a slight drag of a weekend.