At least it’s a few up from Grumpy. Our flights down to new orleans were good yesterday. Today was nonstop meetings, arranging, settling, greeting, and running. I was at our meeting at 7:15 this morning, and just got back to my room at 11:15 pm.

The last few hours were for dinner. To remember next time: the hotel “restaurant” isn’t a great plan for quick food. Even though the journey doesn’t involve concrete or sidewalks, 10:00 is essentially done time for everything but the bar. Not awesome.

I do not have much time for posting… shocking. No real photos yet, so I’ll save them for one good share.  🙂  I already have my request in for a wake-up call tomorrow. Less than 7 hours, but just barely. If I have high hopes for the gym every morning for my 4 show days, I should at least make an effort for the first. It looks very cute. Hopefully people don’t like to exercise on vacation and it won’t be crowded.

As crazy as it might sound, my very favorite part of the day was a 10 minute cab ride. My driver’s name was Anil. He was also from jersey. He came down to new orleans about 15 years ago, and used to own a few businesses on the Riverwalk. They all got looted during hurricane katrina, but he said it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to him. He is a filmmaker, and an actor. He just did a movie with someone (which I remembered more specifically earlier in my day). He talked about a few movies he’s working on. Isn’t it the truth? That sometimes it takes a drastic, tragic, or crazy event to force us to go after what we care about. He told me thank you for making his cab beautiful for a few minutes.

I told him I was hoping to go to cafe du monde while I was here, but that I honestly didn’t think i’d be able to find the time since it’s such constant work for this trip. I really don’t mind. I love to be busy at work when it’s things I know I can accomplish. But I’d just like a cafe au lait and a beignet before I leave. He said you have to be able to breathe, and take your time, otherwise why are we here? It was a beautiful cab ride. And now I will be falling into my glorious puffball of a pillow. Bittersweet, because I wish we could be better acquainted right now, but wonderful all the same.