I actually got up for a workout in my room!

After the visit from the cable company left my room in disarray, I couldn’t find my sleep timer remote last night, or my DVD player remote. I decided to keep the alarm set early, and had high hopes that if I just pressed play, something would happen. Turns out, the sequences weren’t all linked together. So after my first 20 minutes, I was sent back to the menu. I scrambled around for a while, and finally found it with enough time for the second 20 minutes!  Operation one-morning-workout-a-month: complete.

~ ~ ~
The best part of my day was definitely cake class.  By far.

one husband in the class. hilarious ideas.

happy grey's anatomy!

I am so happy with how my first real cake turned out!!!  (After a packing extravaganza, and hopefully a much more mellow time of things,) tomorrow night will be a Grey’s Anatomy celebration!