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My world may be getting a little bit too frosting-covered…

After last night’s cake fiasco that I’m determined to use anyway, and another recipe of frosting, I realized, obviously, I still didn’t have enough for class tomorrow night.  Such is this four weeks.  I’m on sugar overload.  Maybe it’s like those kids that worked at a custard stand every summer and ended up despising ice cream from there on out.  That would be a nice little bonus.  Fun classes and a kicked sugar habit.  It could happen.

~ ~ ~
I had another mini let-down with a smoothie this morning.  It involved the gums.

I’m pretty darn convinced, though, that it’s all user error, and that we still have a bright future together.  The consistency was not desirable.  I added a bit more water, and it sort of fixed the problem.  I will be saving these for a later day when a kitchen mishap won’t be so crushing.  With any other stresses or lack of time because of work, the kitchen is going to have to be nothing but a comfort for the rest of the week.

Dinner was delicious, and I didn’t have to tend to it at all.  Maybe just a step above processed frozen food.  It did include a soy chicken patty, but I steamed rainbow swiss chard, and cooked up some toasted millet.

It essentially cooked itself in the kitchen while I watched bits and pieces of Buffy in my bedroom.  I missed several scenes when I went to stir the millet, throw my sheets in the laundry, & put my room back together (after the cable guy randomly decided he wanted access to all wiring in the house).  But they were scenes I may or may not have already seen 17 other times this week.  It’s not what you think.  I can stop any time.

My food was ready just in time for Jeopardy with papa.  And then, there was cake assembly.  I do not lie when I say I should probably have started fresh with a new cake.

But I don’t think I have it in me to waste a cake.  It was made with applesauce!  It’s much easier to convince myself that decorating class wasn’t a terrible healthy living idea when I know that under the 2 pounds of frosting, there is no added fat or sugar.  Just pre-made, white flour cake from a box.  Hahaha.  Man.

After the actual classes, though, cakes will go back to special occasion pieces, and there won’t be one per week in the house any more.  I am excited to decorate prettier cupcakes for my Relay for Life bake sale.  🙂  I have so much more time to do it this year, since I already know that it’s coming (in May).

It is now bedtime… for real.  Instead of how I usually close with “I’m off to bed,” and then continue reading blogs, balancing checkbooks, accidentally clicking on an episode of Work Out, and generically meandering around my room for at least another 1.5 hours.  Tonight, I am flossing, and then curling myself around a pillow.  I’m toying with the idea of waking up early to put in a hysterical Denise Austen workout tape.  It’s the one that I did on Sunday, and I’m just starting to feel non-achy.  I want that feeling again!  We’ll see, though.  I’m feeling sleepy enough for a pleasant night of sleep, so it will be tough prying myself out of the covers.

To be pleased with one’s limits is a wretched state.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe