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I had another little bowl of porridge this morning. It was just about as good as the bowl I had yesterday, but I only have a few minutes to eat before work, so it wasn’t as great of an event. Also, something crazy was going on with the lighting, so I’ve no picture of my new favorite bowl in action.

Work flew by today; we’re all getting ready for traveling. So far, so good with staying mellow. No problem. :-p I’m getting mildly low on time (maybe just comparative to other weeks, haha). But I have not been planning my meals nearly as much as I’d like to, so I spent more time today tweaking and figuring, to fit in all the foods I don’t want spoiling while I’m away. The next 4 days are all organized, and very cute in my Numbers spreadsheet. Tomorrow is as follows:

  • carnation instant breakfast with almond milk & T peanut butter
  • coffee, 1/2 c almond milk, 2 tsp sugar
  • pear & 4 figs
  • cottage cheese / greek yogurt mix
  • 2 eggs on a bed of romaine
  • with 2 tbsp dressing, 3 figs, and swiss chard
  • 1/2 c millet, 1/3 c red sauce, light mozzarella, soy chicken patty
  • green beans

I spent a while today prepping for my cake class. I think that might be a reason this week is a little crunched. It sounds really silly, but class in Wednesday nights, so tonight I mixed the cake (by hand so I could concurrently watch Buffy), baked, whipped up a recipe of frosting, mixed the color I wanted, and then worked with mama to pry the cake from my brand new cake pans. The pans did not let me down… But I tried to follow a healthy swap for the cake, and it’s very disappointing. Anyone have any experience with this? Usually, I either use a box of mix & a can of diet soda, or swap the oil for applesauce and use the rest of the called-for ingredients.

I had a lot of applesauce in my fridge that I am not interested, so I decided to go with a recipe online, even though I hadn’t tried it before, and didn’t want to ruin a cake for class.  And I went with Hungry-Girl… the ideas usually turn out great (very simple, so they’re really more ideas than recipes). It tastes good, but completely crumbled apart.

I attempted to piece the chunks together with frosting. I’m sure it will be fine. Once it’s all put together, I think it will be alright. Why can’t I have a healthy swap turn out like a real cake? I guess it makes sense… I’m messing up the chemistry of the cake and whatnot. But in crumbles? I guess I will have to work on another trial next time. 🙂  Luckily, this particularly fun email includes five two-ingredient cake swaps.  Pumpkin is obviously my favorite, but I will not be wasting any cans right now on things I cannot taste, and it definitely doesn’t work for yellow cake.  I think yogurt will be next up.