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The Irish oats are actually porridge.  🙂

They were cut pretty small in the bag; I was worried it would be too much like instant oatmeal.  But it had a distinct porridge feel to it, and I wasn’t against it!  Just after I fell in love with big, chewy steel-cut oats on the stove, and I fall in love with porridge.  The soy milk might have played a part, too.  But I did it in the microwave… with mild spillage…

and it came out pretty wonderful.  It was thick and stuck together, just like I would have wanted porridge to do in Ireland 100 years ago.  Except this one had fun dried fruits already in the mix.  Topped with delightful honey.

The day was another great, relaxing one.  I saw Easy A at the theater.  The story was a little bit less than I was hoping for, but it had me laughing out loud a bunch of times.  Definitely a fun part of the afternoon.  Other highlights include:

* 2 matching, non-stick, 9″ cake pans!!! (I found out too late to matter, 2 weeks ago, that our cake pans are approximately 60 years old. They still work, but I feel better when they’re used for shortcake and things. I couldn’t tell you why.)

* chocolate peanut butter soft-serve from Kohr Brothers

* a new bowl.  It’s not like anything I have!  But I will save show-and-tell for a real meal.  Those around me (read: mama, and probably because I’ve taken over the kitchen space) think I have a problem.  Turns out, it’s an Italian tradition.  Thanks for the info, Melissa.  😉  Sadly, I cannot seem to find it on Google.  But she and her mama said it was like an Italian version of a hope chest.  As if I needed another reason to continue with my collection.

I feel like I might start to be a little overwhelmed this week.  I’ve said before that packing usually stresses me out.  I did good last time, and didn’t worry, so I’ll try to keep the tradition going!  It’s traveling for work this time, so I’ll already be nervous.  But I made a list, and I’m not thinking about it.  As long as I have the basics… like my license, and good snacks… anything could really be bought while I’m away.  That’s always what chills me out about it.  🙂  But, I have to try to get decent nights’ sleep until I go.  So I’ll work on checking things off my list, and just stopping at a certain point so I can unwind and hop into bed.  Like right now, for instance.