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Today was spent sucking the last bit out of summer.

We said goodbye to this today:

But I made sure to stay away while it was getting closed up for next year.

I had a fabulous day in Haddonfield with Fran and Ele. We went for the farmers market…

Complete with fresh figs!  My first ever.

… and stayed for the meandering.

Lattes were loved by all.  (But inexplicably cropped from the photo.)  The ladies both celebrated with pumpkin spice; I welcomed soy toffee nut back into my life.

We found the best store ever – it was an English / Irish store, with all sorts of crazy things.

They also had a restaurant across the street, with things like full english breakfasts, fish & chips, and bangers & mash. Too awesome. I got a Guinness glass just like my favorite in our school house… Some Irish porridge with “sunrise fruits”… And some random goodies & English things, for no reason at all – like natural cane sugar.

The store was seriously cute. I can’t believe there was something like it so close.

We then spent a little too much time at a thrift store, in the basement of a church.

My loot! (Five wonderful books to feed the addiction, and a Banana Republic top for $2.00. Three of the books were already on my to-read list.  I see no problem here.)

And arguably the best buy of the day:

Oh yes. A penguin wallet.

The rest of the day was almost as relaxing and wonderful. (The morning was just hard to beat!) I got in a fun, exhausting workout in my room a little while ago.  I haven’t hurt like this in a very long time.  I’ve been hilariously motivated by season one of Workout that I happened to find again recently. The show is so fun; we used to watch marathons of it while eating junk food on the couch.

Dinner afterward was equally delightful.

In my mug:
– 1/4 c oats
– 1/2 c soy milk
– T chia seeds
– dollop nonfat plain Greek yogurt
– the best Gala apple that has ever graced my lips, from the farmers market

I ended up not wanting the agave nectar at all after I added:
– 1/2 frozen banana, basically melted after 15 seconds in the microwave

Now it’s time for a little shower and a little reading. I’ve accomplished two books on my list! (My started-in-the-past-three-years-and-never-ever-finished list. The goal was originally for the summer, and has turned into a lifelong running goal – to finish the books I have started, in spite of my miserable attention span.) I can’t wait to keep going. Right now, I’m working (again) on A Change in Altitude. I’m not nearly as uninterested as I thought I was!