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Because I’m too tired to get to 10.

Mallowmars. Do you know about these? Word on the street is that they’re pretty area-specific, and only come out once a year. I never knew. Mostly because I didn’t know they existed when I was younger. I expect them to always taste like a s’more in cookie form, but the cookie part is soft and sugary. Amazing. One more to the list of “it’s ok summer is ending.” I exercised constraint and did not reach for the fifth cookie.

– Grey’s Anatomy!!! (celebrated by bonding with Melissa’s couch after a much-too-long hiatus, and a cup of blueberry tea.  also, a significant amount of frizz and great camera phone flash.  the frizz has since been fixed, in time for bed, and my camera has been located.  I am still so pleased with my phone, though!)

– Super fun plans to look forward to – a big farmers market on Saturday morning with two lovely ladies!  🙂  Not sure if it will be as fun as I’m expecting… but if all else fails, there is a real Starbucks along the street, and the town is adorable.

– I finished my whole bag of spinach before it went bad! I have two lovely breakfast smoothies to thank.  This will directly relate to the purchase of another bag next week.

– My room has stayed clean since I pulled a Tazmania Devil in it (two weeks ago?) and threw out most of my unimportant life clutter. I am a pack rat. I am going to make a large effort to keep from turning into a hoarder.  My “snap out of it” moment came while trying to take a photo for the blog a few weeks ago, and coming up short on a location where I didn’t have to crop out the full background.  😀  So, thanks, guys.

– I get to have a hotel room all to myself when I travel next week. [I won’t have any moments to myself, really. We will essentially be working from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM. I’ll have to figure out if and when I’ll be able to fit in blogging.] I love hotels. I love lobbies. And it will feel like a grand vacation for the moments when I slide into bed and my head hits the pillow.

– I killed it at Jeopardy tonight. It was the “starts and ends with T” category that got me going.

– My dad started singing / rapping out some lyrics after dinner. I had no idea what he was talking about.

– What are you singing?

– The Black-Eyed Peas

– (hysterical laughter)

– …That’s not what they’re called, is it? (sheepish grin)

Oh, it is, papa, it is. Apparently they were using the clip all day on his AM sports station. I proceeded to play him Let’s Get Retarded, to explain the fit of laughter. Then it all made sense.

– Wow. I missed the first day of fall. It’s OK. My farmers market plans for Saturday really soften the blow…  I guess because it makes it sort of seem nice that it will be hoodie weather and walking around with hot coffee will be less uncomfortable and more cozy… Also the fact that I rejoiced with the return of Grey’s Anatomy. Hallelujah Thursday.