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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! I celebrated in no way, shape, or form. But I was glad that it was happening.

Instead, we spent the day saying farewell to the pool. It’s getting covered up for hibernation next Saturday. I celebrated by finishing Love in the Time of Cholera! It was wonderful. I don’t know what goes on with my attention span when I’m actually enjoying a book and  still take a thousand years.  But regardless, I finished it, and it was wonderful.

I tried my hand at some savory oats for breakfast today.  They turned out well, even if my avocado was disappointing.  And dinner was just what I wanted (with some things borrowed from my mom’s grilling).

oats with hot sauce, a fried egg, & sliced avocado

peanut butter Puffins, banana chunks, & vanilla soy milk

wheat pasta, balsamic vinaigrette, and grilled tempeh, green beans, & onions

The day was clearly full of a lot of hard work, and I plan on closing out the weekend with some more.

Too bad I can’t drag this out a little bit longer.