I present to you, the most fun ever in period clothing, by way of photographs.

Covered in bees! (at the honey store, of course)

The wizard and fairy asked if we would share the photos we took, so of course I had to put them on the blog.  With our Rick, who made a kilt with his grandma last night for the occasion:

wizard and dragon

Steak on a stake.

steak on a stake

Everyone feasted on this hilarious novelty (except this guy).

Mine!  I’m noticing a theme in my festival eats.  The word is pierogies.  Delicious.

Silly shadows, always getting in the way.

We went to a jewelry booth so Jackie could pick out a necklace.  They actually smash the design into the piece while you watch.  They were incredibly entertaining.

This weekend had donation spots all around for the Make-a-Wish foundation.  Performers were obviously involved.

The Queen’s Parade!

A few of us were very brave “trees” for the bird show:

Cutest scene of the day.  Maybe the century.

peek-a-boo mermaid

Fare thee well.  😉