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My eats this week have been slightly all over the place.  I have big plans for next week.  🙂  (Read: big lists… not crazy meals.)  For lunch today, I finished up the rest of the grilled farmers market veggies, with a strung string cheese and a cheese wedge, split onto two tortilla halves.  So many things cleared off the fridge list!  And so good, again.  I didn’t have time to get tired of this this week.  I always overstuff, and I don’t think I will ever stop.  The halving really doesn’t help this, so much as it just lets it get more out of control.

My dad walked in while I was on lunch, with the best present ever! (at least this week, haha)

Eeee!  I almost purchased 12 cans of butternut squash on Amazon late last night, when I found out that the pumpkin shipping estimate was 2 months (meaning potentially never) & they had exactly 5 orders of b-nut squash available…  But I decided to hold out for a day because papa said he would check his grocery store (near where he works).  I don’t know how he does it.  But he is my pumpkin hero.

I looked up Vitamin C online, and kiwi was in the top 50 (per gram).  Mostly, I decided to eat him so he didn’t get forgotten. Along with a few strawberries, and a dollop of Cool Whip Free:

After a random shopping trip and reconnecting a little bit with a friend, it was finally time to bust out my fun new gadget!  I downloaded an app for Josephine (oh, yeah.  the HTC.  i really don’t call her that.  but I couldn’t resist.) on a whim because it sounded neat, and came recommended on a list I was perusing.

It’s called Sky Map, and it was so neat!  I grabbed my mama and we walked outside.  It was a little finicky, and we lasted around 5 minutes, but it was so fun.  I found Cassiopeia!  And then we found the Little Dipper (maybe).  Clearly, we have no idea what we’re doing.  But it was so awesome to have a reference point to the sky, instead of gazing up for half a second and thinking, hmm, I wonder if that star is anything.  I will definitely be playing again.  🙂

Tomorrow is the Renaissance Faire!!!  I’m meeting my school friends there at opening, and I cannot wait.  I haven’t seen them all for too many months, and I haven’t been to the ren faire for, I think, two years…  This trip should be much more easy-going.  I cannot explain the love; I can only tell you, it’s significant.