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So back to the food…

Dinner tonight was pretty light, and fixed around prep for my cake class tomorrow.  I used every single piece left from the farmers market on Friday. All my little black cherry tomatoes were tossed in a pan and simmered down with a little nutritional yeast.  My half zuccini, EVERY cute eggplant, and a nubbin of yam went onto the counter-top grill, one layer at a time.

To get a little structure into the rest of the week, this post is going to be straight-forward.  It’s entirely built around foods I have that I don’t want to forget about.  🙂

Wednesday |
B (coffee & steel-cut oats)
L (leftover grilled veggies, nutritional yeast, american cheese, & pinto beans)
D (strawberry flax seed pancakes)

Thursday |
B (chilled pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks the night before)
L (smoothie: spinach, soy milk, strawberries, frozen banana)
D (tempeh sandwich)
Dessert (peanut butter puffins & soy milk)

Friday |
B (sausage and cheese english muffin & coffee)
L (leftover veggies with avocado) (rest of the strawberries)
…? (fruit salad)

Saturday | (Renaissance Faire! Lots of miscellaneous foods, I’m sure.)

Sunday |
B (pancakes topped with maple syrup & pecan butter.  kiwi.)
D (open-faced barbecued tempeh sandwich with avocado.  millet cornmeal side.  brussels sprouts.)

Monday |
L (avocado sandwich)
D (tempeh spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce)

Tuesday |
L (avocado and fried egg quesadilla)
D (pasta with green beans, beans, oil, & vinegar)