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I think I was secretly a homemaker in another life. The food processor has not seen as much action in its entire 8+ years as it has in the past month.

Tonight, I made nut butter. Maple pecan butter. And it was easy, fun, and awesome! All my thanks go to Heather and Ash for putting this crazy simple idea in my head.

Back up, breakfast comes first. I slept in a little bit this morning, and while sipping on my coffee, I decided to go decadent with some stovetop Irish oats. I can’t believe I didn’t think to try them this way sooner. I was sticking to the slow cooker overnight, which leaves them like porridge. And I liked it, but not nearly as much as this way. Three servings, with the other two set up in mason jars for breakfasts during the week.

I’m working out the ridiculous sugar cravings I gave myself from the past two weeks. But I’ve been having some sweet meals in between savory ones to steer clear of any awful cravings or accidents. Therefore: this morning was basically breakfast-themed dessert.

So good! It ended up being 290 calories, which was less than I was planning.

Steel-cut oats, with a slivered-up Dove dark chocolate piece, 5 mini Nilla wafers, and three big strawberries.

So wonderful. It was like chocolate-covered strawberries… and cookie-covered oats.

~ ~ ~

Later on came the pecan butter!

I used 5 oz raw pecans from the discount grocery store. The bag was 6 oz, but as soon as I brought them home, I opened the bag for a little quality assurance oatmeal.

I popped them in and let it process for a few minutes. I played, I scraped with a spoon, I sampled along the way.

Then I added 1 tbsp grade b maple syrup and 1 pinch salt, and whirred for a little while more. The result is sort of like a nut butter / pie / topping combination.

It’s partially sticky from the maple, and partially grainy (not in a bad or chunky way). But it’s sort of between a nut butter texture and wet brown sugar.  I wonder if more whirring would leave a smoother texture, or if it was the ignored oil and the added syrup.

It’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to eat it on everything. Specifically my steel-cut oats later this week…  Probably tomorrow.