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My dad came home with a bag full of peaches yesterday afternoon. When I came home from work after that, there was a bag full of peaches on our back porch from our neighbor. Peaches everywhere!

You will hear no complaints from me. My mom has already made two pies, but the best use so far today was my third amazing bowl of steel-cut oats this week, enjoyed this morning with some walnuts and a peach. I prepped it all at home, and then covered it at the last minute to tow along to work with me, since I realized I only actually had time to brew some coffee.

After work, I dragged my mom to a small farmer’s market. I was considering the big, fancy one that I found out about earlier this summer, but this one was easier tonight. It was almost a trip that resulted in one head of romaine lettuce, but as we were getting ready to commit to lame purchases, I found veggies I had never seen before, and bought them both.

We have black cherry tomatoes, and some tiny eggplants. Maybe “little fingers”? I cannot seem to remember or find it online. Regardless, adorable:

I was inspired to make pasta salad with everything in my bag (except the massive sweet potato. he’s been saved for a later attempt.)

4 tiny eggplant
1/2 zucchini
2 handfuls black cherry tomatoes
1.5 servings whole wheat rotini
0.75 servings cheese tortellini
tbsp extra virgin olive oil
many dashes of red wine vinegar

It took about 10 minutes to put together.  I wanted to eat much more than I wanted to cook.  (And I wanted to eat as early as possible, because I was meeting a friend at the gym for a bedtime walk.)

I cut the eggplants in half and grilled them on the counter with the zucchini.  Boiled the pastas, chopped the tomatoes, and splashed on the toppings.  So good!

The eggplant was the best I’ve made at home so far, and I take no credit whatsoever.  The guy selling them said they were great for grilling and that you didn’t need to worry about taking the skins off.  They came out soft and eggplanty.  No miserable taste like every other time I’ve tried to cook them at home.  And no phone pictures… but we are absolutely a perfect fit.