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Sunday morning began with some face masks. And each of us being trapped behind our concurrent door, hiding from the B&B owner that was mid-cleaning, and worried that he would demand something of us and retreat in shock. Let me take this opportunity to embarrass myself in the name of blogging.

Then we moved on to quite the activity. Heather knows me well, and sometimes, it takes a little coaxing to talk me into things that will obviously be fun. I’ve had some history with being convinced that things are scary and not to try many new things… But I know this isn’t who I am, and certainly not who I plan on being.

She was all set to work a little convincing magic, but I agreed right away that it sounded like fun. And that I don’t have nearly enough adventures in my life.

We took a trip to Camelback Mountain while we were in the Poconos… for a Treetop Adventure! It was amazing. There are five courses throughout. We went through three of them, ending with the Pharaoh Course. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. Thanks to Heather stowing her cell phone away in a top-secret hiding spot, we got away with a few photos!

I could ramble for hours about all the different bits of the course, but I doubt it would do it justice. Check out their photo galleries, and this great 9-second video showing the Tarzan-swing-into-cargo-net! It was just such a great outdoor, out-of-my-element experience.

Afterward, we decided that it would be fair to go to a fancy dinner in our outside workout clothes, pre-showers, because we were ravenous. We went to a very nice thai place near our bed & breakfast, Thai Thani, where I had my first pad thai experience. They offered a full veg section, and left me confident that they would take care of me. Did they ever:

The trip is over, but I have so many more photos to document it than I ever would have in the past.  Also, a table full of sweet goodies to use with fondness, and enough TCNJ swag that I am turning into my own walking billboard.

Happy Labor Day!  Here’s to proving to myself that September isn’t so bad.  :-p