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Yesterday was a blast!  We started off with Garlic Fest, which took place on Shawnee Mountain.

That’s right: gobs.  There weren’t amazing healthy food options at Garlic Fest, but there were definitely delicious ones.  We had garlic and cheese pierogies (balanced out later with salads from the grocery store).

Oh, did we ever – eat, drink, and stink.  Lunch was followed by something we simply couldn’t dream of passing up.

Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies…?  Sold.

I guess it was exactly what it should have been.  There was a strong raw garlic flavor, but definitely still a sweet cookie.  I bit into what I thought was a chocolate chip, considered the chewiness, and realized nope, it was a full clove of garlic.  We split one.  I don’t think I could have made it through a full cookie, haha.

Hi, Fran! –

Shockingly enough, all of my many purchases at Garlic Fest had exactly nothing to do with garlic.  Every one thrills me, though.  Homemade soap from Barley Rose:

Honey from Swarmbustin’ Honey (I have been out of fancy honey ever since I finished my last splurge at the PA Ren Faire two years ago.  I got a honey bear full of raspberry honey that actually tastes like raspberries, and a jar of delicious Fall Wildflower:

And my first ever real maple syrup purchase from Mapleland Farms, where Heather also introduced me to maple candies.  I got a little guy of Medium, that basically tastes like amazing pure maple syrup, and a bigger vat of Grade B, which is very dark and tastes of caramel:

So good!  All in all, my purchases for the day equaled sugar.

We may have gotten lost in the parking lot.  Ophelia…?  We found her.

Next up, we went to Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards, where we got to tour their cute mom and pop production.

The trip ended with a bottle of Strawberry Spumante for sharing:


Cheers!  Then:

… and now: