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My trip today was so much fun. It started off with waking up at 9:00 for some breakfast.

Very good:

(one banana cut in chunks; whirred in the food processor for a minute or so, then added 2 tbsp peanut butter powder & 1 tsbp water, and whirred a while longer. it was excellent. we won’t talk about the smoothie; it turned out pretty scary.)

It’s a four-day trip…  Of course I needed the same number of bags.

I went the hour to my old school, TCNJ, and made a stop to visit. I haven’t been able to get there on a weekday… probably since I graduated.  I talked to Mary, who I worked for my sophomore through senior year, and then refused to leave for a month when I graduated.  I also stopped and talked to one of the professors, who I also worked for while she was filling in as Dean.  This is it:

My campus was just as pretty as I remembered it.

I couldn’t find directions to Heather’s house, but I talked to an adorable athlete who was drinking orange juice in the parking lot, and he showed me the way.  I also apparently wanted to blend in, and referred to her as my roommate in parting, even though we haven’t lived together or been in college for three years.  He didn’t question me.

It was also so nice to find out that everything else I loved around the campus was still up and running (like three years would change the whole world… which is clearly what I assumed was going on).  This place remains the only mom & pop grocery store I’ve ever frequented, and it was great.  The awesome sushi place was in the parking lot, too.

We ran into this a few minutes later – not good:

This made it all better:

More pretty road tripping!

And we were on our merry way.

My campus visit also included a short, but expensive visit to the bookstore, where I finally bought a new pair of pajama pants and a sweatshirt that actually fit!  My first pair of sweatpants are two sizes too big and have a hole in the knee, but I still wear them at least every month.  And every sweatshirt I have from TCNJ is at least a size too big, and not cozy enough to keep in regular rotation.  The $100+ receipt was not good.  But the swag is great (much cuter in person than this bad picture)!  It also includes a giant soup mug that will obviously be used as a regular coffee cup.  He was left at Heather’s house for fear of breakage, lose-age, or forget-age.

And now, we are ending our night with some Dawson’s Creek DVDs I let tag along.  Thank goodness I have them and the Mac, because our room for tonight doesn’t have a TV.  The horror!