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Lunch today was basically a pile constructed of nothings from the fridge that I didn’t want to go to waste.

I combined what baked beans I had left from earlier in the week with what frozen soy crumbles I had left from who knows when… added some mozzarella cheese and lots of crunchy lettuce, and made a wrap!  Actually, since I got pretty filling-happy, I chopped it in half and made two.  And then I hit up my box of these:

They were an impulse buy, primarily because they were mini Nillas, and I am a sucker for little foods that mean I can eat more.  They remind me of my dad, who apparently used to buy a box of these and a half gallon of milk for Friday afternoons on his grandmother’s stoop.  He is the best storyteller I know.

I should have packed tonight for my vacation starting tomorrow.  🙂  So of course I decided to work on something else on my list.

I have never been interested in sewing, even if it’s just a button that’s fallen off.  I don’t like it, I don’t understand it, and I would much more happily rig something with a rubber band and a paper clip.  But every once in a while I’m struck by the desire to have the end result of something hand-made.  So I set to work.  I came out pouting around 2 or 3 times, but it only lasted about 30 seconds.  The problem I have is that once I commit to the project, I like to just jump in.  For all my lists and frivolous planning, I don’t like planning anything when it comes to sewing.  I like taking the easy way, and using a lot of cheater shortcuts.  And if I have to rework or reset anything and the do-over takes upwards of 5 minutes, I get semi-defeated.  But nothing went terribly wrong tonight!  I call that success.

Dunt dunt, duuuunt.  What could it be?!

Shortcuts such as this – actually drawing in marker on the backside when I realized for my finishing touch, I would have to sew blind and hope for the best:

The best thing I have ever sewed (which is saying exactly nothing):

An apron!!!  I have fun fabrics to make a lighter, girlier version.  And I thing I’ll eventually pull that one off, too, since my hopes of perfection are so low for these.

I am taking a cake decorating class this month.  🙂  It starts next Wednesday night, and since I’ll be gone for four really pleasant days in Pennsylvania, I wanted to have it ready before I left.  I do like to get things just so, and have the most ridiculous obsession with lists of anyone I know.  But if ever I haul out the sewing machine, it’s already in my head that the “homemade” look is what I’m going for, since the end result will be nothing better.  I think she came out cute, especially for my decorating class, where she will just get covered in things.  Oh… like dyes.  Haha.  It’s OK; I’ll embrace it.

And now, I’m going to give myself 18 minutes to get a jump-start on packing up for the weekend.  I don’t want to set an alarm toooooo early tomorrow morning, but I’m also already pretty sleepy.  Packing stresses me out, but I have my list, and I’ve drilled it into my head that no, I do not need three bags for a four-day trip.  😉