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Otherwise known as maple walnut granola.

I made this granola a few Sundays ago during a fun day in the kitchen.  Before and after cooking it, we had a mild tornado scare throughout the house (which ended with no tornado, but still a lot of some serious thunderstorms).

It was my first-ever homemade granola! I pulled bits together from Kath’s and Emily’s. Their posts were the first I read that made me realize how simple it would be to make it from scratch.  It was a delicious, healthy, feel-good Sunday recipe. The day surrounding the food was lackluster… dare I say it, pretty disappointing, until I had a great walk with a friend of mine.  The storms cooled off the crazy-hot weather.  So, on to the granola.


* Rolled oats, 1.5 cups
* Walnuts, 60 grams (which is about 1/4 cup)
* Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), 20 grams
* Cinnamon
* Light pancake syrup, 1/4 cup
* Honey, 1 tbsp
* Vanilla extract, 1 tsp
* Canola oil, 1 tsp

Combine the dry ingredients (oats, walnuts, pepitas) in a big bowl.  Combine all the liquids in another (syrup, honey, vanilla, oil).  Mix together!  Make sure all parts are equally wet.

Spray a 9″ x 13″ pan with nonstick spray, spread granola into pan, and smush down as much as possible.  I tried to make sure none of it was left alone, because I wanted clumps, so I fixed that and ignored the open edges around the pan.

Bake at about 325 degrees F (I did this one in 310 degrees, because I think our oven runs a bit hot) for 15 minutes; stir a little bit; bake for another 11 minutes.  Or bake-stir-bake in any combination similar to this, until you smell granola everywhere.  You want it dark, but not burnt or burnt-smelling.

It seems my first try was a success…  Next time, I’ll be making a double batch (at least).  Fifteen minutes into cooling (whoops… but I wasn’t the only one who loved it, I swear!):

Nutritional Information per serving (as calculated through SparkPeople’s Recipe Calculator):

165 Calories
8 grams Fat
31 grams Carbohydrates
4 grams Fiber
4 grams Protein

Not sure about the nutritional information.  I tried the carbs, protein, and fat to get to calories, and it didn’t exactly calculate.  But it’s good enough for me.  🙂
I decided about how big I wanted each serving, weighed the whole recipe, and figured out grams per serving.  “1/7th” is much easier than it sounds.