After two failed kitchen attempts in a row (including a very disappointing boneless buffalo wing swap), I decided to make this post a continuation of the last one.

I spent so much time at the trailer one summer, my parents were convinced I hated the shore. My dad was a teacher, and mostly had summers off when I was little. One summer, my parents’ work days were split, so I stayed straight through because of the overlap. I missed my own room, and maybe a few less ants, but I only needed one winter to snap out of it.

Not only was it like going on vacation every single week, and getting to swim in a pool for hours on end, but I found my two best friends down there when I was 7. Molly was 4 when we all met, and Emily was 2. Apparently things are on the up-and-up, now – we have our own pool, and I’ve become (at least slightly more) socialized. But they made the campground what I remember it to be. I was a pretty permanent fixture in their trailer… basically every night after I finished supper until it was time to go to sleep. No matter how long we go between seeing each other, we slip back into it as easily as if we’d just talked the weekend before. Carol & I spent Saturday night together over wine and a White Russian, until it was time for her to tuck her puppy in for the night. We also got to give Molly a call, who is setting up house down south after getting married earlier this summer. There was a lot of reminiscing about our wonderful summers together, and just as much teasing and sarcasm as ever. 🙂

Yesterday, I posted photos from my tour this past weekend. Today, I thought I would make a gallery of our summers at the campground in its heyday.