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I made a special trip down to the shore this weekend. It’s time for us to say goodbye to our trailer. It has seen better days… I believe it’s 2 years older than I am. But the decision was finally made this week, that there are more problems than my brother will feasibly fix. While I haven’t gone down this summer until now, and only made it down for a long Labor Day weekend last year, it’s so sad to have to say farewell.  I visited my favorite Acme (that’s right, and probably because it reminds me of picking out dinner with mom and dad, covered in sand after the beach), got my favorite salad from next door, and walked around the park to take photos.  Our closest friends, Mike & Carol, were down for the weekend, so I also got to spend a good bit of Saturday night talking, drinking wine, and reminiscing with Carol.

I planned ahead with some divvied-up oatmeal for dessert and breakfast

road trip!

my favorite salad in the world – arugula, tomato, fresh mozzarella, avocado, pine nuts, and a thick balsamic glaze

yes, it was as big as it looked, and every bit as delicious as I remembered

I set up on the porch until bedtime (that is Avatar on my computer, but it was skipping, so I switched to Adam and a few minutes of Prime)

we took the top bunk bed out when I was the only kid left

and my mom rigged a splitter for our cable so I could watch TV in my room before I fell asleep (yep – in the closet, in the hallway I called my own.  trailer love is a special love.)

the red couch I was convinced would drop through the floor in the “pop-out” part of the trailer

We had considered selling the trailer maybe a decade ago because of a bunch of new ordinances put in place, but this is what amazing friends we’ve always been…  Mike bought all the hardware and set to work installing this bottom paneling before we even showed up for the weekend.

The trailer part was for sleeping, but the porch was our home while we were down here.  It definitely forced togetherness, but it was adorable.

Mike & Carol’s deck, where some sparklers were on-purpose launched under our feet a few years running on the Fourth of July

the bathhouse that my dad called his own every morning

this is how far our trailer was from Mike & Carol’s (that’s their street post, and our trailer with the windows framed in white, just passed the trees)

the tree stump my dad would perch atop to have a cocktail before dinner (no photo because it got swapped out for this cement block in the last year or two)

Fire pit!  I love fires, though we averaged about one per summer.  Mmmm, s’mores.  Once out here, we were very kindly offered some 1/4 and 1/2 sticks of dynamite to set off…  Suffice it to say, that fire ended early.

The best bakery ever.  My dad and I would take a few trips here every summer and come back with sugar-coated doughnuts and hot sticky buns.

I was afraid it could’ve closed down, because it’s been at least 5 years since we took a trip.  Nope, just as cute as ever, and just as good.  The bags were on the counter after I came home.  My brother found them and exclaimed, “You went to Frog Hollow?!?”  He sounded crushed.  Then started talking out loud about taking a trip down next weekend.

At around 12:45 PM, this was the most splendid breakfast.  (I guess this is turning into a habit…?  Fine by me!  I had assumed I’d be up early to take photos and go to Wawa for coffee, because I haven’t been sleeping well.  Rolled over, and it was 11:23.  Happy campground sleeping!)  In the mix: 1/3 cup oats, a few pecans, a whole banana, maple & vanilla extracts, a Splenda.  And on top… 1/2 of a sticky bun!!!  It was sweet and perfect, but just enough because it went along with all that oatmeal.  I don’t think i’ve tried anything like this before, but I will definitely be using the last sticky bun for two more breakfasts this week.

such great, relaxing scenery…

the pool, where I would literally swim from opening at 10:00 AM to getting pulled out for dinner… in probably 60 degree F water

the platform out back where we would get hosed off after the beach, and then carried inside by dad

Thirty years of beach tags.  The first is from 1981.  We moved to this trailer in this location two years later, and I joined the ranks two after that.