Why have I not thought of this before?! I opened a carton of soy milk last week, and realized with 1/3 cup in my coffee every morning, it was in danger of going unfinished before really expiring. I Googled baking recipes that involved large amounts of milk, but nothing turned up that peaked my interests. I thought to use up some opened nonfat sugar-free packets of pudding mix I had been using in smoothies a while ago. That led me to think homemade pudding had the potential to be super easy! I Googled that, found a few “homemade vegan” recipes, and decided to try my hand. (I didn’t need to find a vegan recipe, but those that weren’t called for several egg yolks, and I wasn’t in the market for an involved, high-calorie pudding. Enter the easiest pudding recipe ever, with good, basic ingredients that I can count on one hand.

* 1/3 cup sugar
* 2 cups Silk light vanilla soymilk (Any kind would probably work, but this is the only one I buy. It’s lower in calories and fat, and doesn’t skimp on B vitamins.)
* 2 Tbsp cornstarch
* 1 tsp vanilla

If you threw this in a pan and let it rip, I’m sure you would come out on the other side with pudding. But for argument’s sake, this is how I did it:
* Dump sugar into a pot on the stove.
* Measure out the soy milk. Pour almost all of it into the pot. Turn the burner to about medium-high (mine was a 6, then bumped to a 7).

* Onto the remaining bit of milk in the measuring cup, add the cornstarch. Mix, mix, mix. Once you’re pretty sure it can’t be combined any better, or when your arm is tired, throw that into the pan, as well.

* Cook it, stir it, and wait for the simmer bubbles. (I think I could have stopped at the first bubbles I saw, but it was my first time, and I was pretty nervous I would end up with hot milk.)

* Take it off the stove and add the vanilla. (I restrained from adding tablespoons. I love vanilla. This amount was just fine.)
* Add any other fixings your heart desires. If you’re going for a whole pot of chocolate, I’d say you’d get creamier results by adding about 1/4 or 1/3 cup cocoa to the pan during cooking, and you could use chocolate soy milk.

But I wanted a lot of choices, to see which I liked the most.

peanut butter, peppermint chip, mocha, vanilla

I re-measured the pot after it cooked to make sure I would end up with four, and then doctored each serving separately in the measuring cup. I ended up with little pots of: vanilla, peanut butter (addition: 1.5 Tbsp PB2), mocha (tsp instant espresso, Tbsp cocoa), and peppermint chip (small dash pure peppermint extract, 7 grams milk chocolate chips). I obviously tasted each one while cleaning out the measuring cup, and I think I’m in love with each version. I foresee a lot of soy milk pudding in my near future. But I foresee a lot of food in my near future… and there’s never enough time for all of it. :-p

Dinner was delightful, too. And if not for being so in love with food blogs, I wouldn’t have had any of the ideas involved.

Sunday night bliss. The pizza recipe to come later this week. 🙂

In other events, I performed the most gnarly manicure on myself across yesterday and today.  Seriously, my nails looked better in 6th grade (which, consequently, was the year I literally painted my nails a new color every, single day).  And now, all these years later, I have lost the touch.  I used to be a beast left-handed and all, and now, I just look like the Beast after his makeover.  There is nail polish around my cuticles, above my nails, and no joke, on my knuckles.  And what actually found its way onto my nails is clumpy.  That part, I do not take responsibility for.  This nail polish is almost gone and very old.  Why I didn’t just throw it out when I realized how horrendous this was, I couldn’t tell you.

This reminds me of how I went from a pancake goddess at age 12, to concurrently burning them and keeping dough for their insides.  At least I got that knack back (at least, I like how they taste again…  I don’t force them on anyone else).  Maybe I’ll go for a nail polish less than 15 years old and try again sometime…  I should also remember to take it off before the next important people are holding meetings at work.  That was a fun whoops the last time, shaking hands a few months ago with black nail polish chipped to my cuticles.  But I digress.  It’s time to go read a certain book until bedtime.