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Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to a hula party. 🙂 It is my first. I believe it got its start as an Elvis-themed hula party, thrown by the woman who led my group at Relay for Life (it was my first one this year, back in May).  They have a sad story, but they’re such a wonderful, loving group. I’m so glad to have gotten to know them through the event! And become friends with a couple of them.

I decided to forgo new, fancy healthy versions of treats and instead made my favorite work treat – the most delicious cookie bars I’ve ever had. It’s the most classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, but they happen to be the only cookie we butcher in my house any time we try. In a pan, there is no possibility for the flattening / hardening / sadness from dropping cookies. This time I used a peanut butter chip and chocolate chip combo. And I decided to frost them individually so they were more barbecue-friendly. Enter my never-opened 12-pack of icing colors. I have never used more than RYBG before.

The box makes me excited for extravagant things to come. These cookies do not fall into that category. However, I think they turned out really cute (always rustic, since I don’t know what I’m doing with frosting). Just what you’d expect from a cookie recipe, with no healthy swaps, topped with homemade buttercream frosting… I tried to cut them small! And they should get to everyone at the party, so I don’t feel too guilty about not spreading around my healthy preference in baked goods. No, I do. But they’re so good!

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Next exciting news from the day: a labor day trip has been planned! Some crappy rearranging and a decent amount of feeling let down took place a few weeks ago, after I scheduled an extra day off from work. But I ended up stealing my old roommate Heather for the weekend! We’re going to take a silly, girly, slightly out-of-hand trip to a bed and breakfast like we did once in college. We’re going to the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania. I’m so thrilled. Aside from the beach, I haven’t taken any trips this year (I used to go somewhere at least once every spring). The area looks insanely gorgeous, with hiking trails, mountains, waterfalls… and outlet shopping, vineyards, and of course, adorable B&B breakfasts, coffee, and lounging about. I think this time compared to any other trips, I will have my camera in-hand more often. I always have a nasty habit of taking it everywhere with me and leaving it on a table, in the car, or in my room for the duration of every fun activity. I feel like I have a tiny purpose for it this time, so maybe that will be enough for me to finally use it in the real world. :-p

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In closing on this long-winded post of mine…  I took a trip to the store immediately after getting done work a little bit early today. My number one hope to have in-hand by the time I left was pumpkin. I ransacked all the aisles that may have stocked it. I looked for pumpkin pie filling, I was so desperate (not that I would have bought any, but I may have crawled into the shelf next to it on my mission). And I looked for butternut squash at Heather’s suggestion. But alas, my town is pumpkin-less! A sad day indeed. My dad told me I should check the pantry again, because he was in agreement that I probably didn’t finish every last emergency can he bought for me when I went into a pumpkin shortage panic a few months ago. I looked through all the cans on our shelves, and before going back upstairs, defeated, I got up on my tip-toes to peek around the containers of sink cleanser they have down there. While trying to see into the corner, guess what almost bonked me in the forehead?

Yep. That’s right. I had to be literally less than 1/2 an inch away from it before I actually saw it sitting there, front and center. Saturday morning = pumpkin yogurt, my friend.  I bet Kath‘s recipe will do me well.  That’s enough to get me in bed quickly, thinking about all the delicious pumpkin things I could make next week with an opened can of pumpkin.

Angela has a great post question / comment discussion on her blog tonight: “How do you find your inner peace?”  Like everybody else, it’s something I work on all the time.  I like to think I find it in the little things – the things I’m working to focus on each day.