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I woke up, sipping my coffee, and had to wait to get hungry for breakfast.  Folger’s will forever be my favorite coffee. It might go back to the first “best part of waking up” commercial I ever saw – it was a dancer who woke up, got into sweats, and went into a log cabin-like studio with her mug of steaming Folger’s to dance her morning away.  I saw another one after work today, with the daughter and father talking about her engagement happening the night before.  I won’t say they always make me cry, but 94% of the time, I choke it back.

Poured over some dark chocolate syrup, in my hand-painted Alice in Wonderland mug from Halloween.  🙂

I just realized this mug doesn’t scream Alice in Wonderland…  Whoops.  Mug back story!  This was technically a cappuccino mug and saucer that I used as my “tea” cup the entire night of the Halloween party.  Around the saucer, I painted the beginning of my absolutely favorite quote: “One day, Alice came to a fork in the road…”

So I wasn’t hungry for breakfast until it was basically time for lunch. The chilled oats were all set, and I was finally ready to try the banana soft-serve that I had read about on Angela’s blog earlier this summer.

Note about frozen bananas: peel them first!  It was so difficult to chop off all the peels.  I didn’t even consider the fact that they wouldn’t peel when they were frozen solid.  Whoops number two, haha.

Into the food processor – a whole, frozen, chunked banana.

It got all diced up, and seemed like it was never going to pass that stage.  I just kept going.

Eventually, and absolutely magically, it turned into this!

And then I decided to keep going for another minute or so, just for good measure.


It was such a good addition to the cold oats.  “Breakfast,” all thrown together:

This guy is definitely making it into permanent rotation.  🙂  My problem with bananas is always that my immense love for them still doesn’t have me eating the entire bunch on my own throughout one week before they’ve all gone bad.  I could buy a couple at the grocery store, but I always decide I’ll want a lot whenever I pick them up, AND I can get them at the discount grocery store I pass by on Saturdays, for something like $0.90 for a big bunch!!  I simply won’t pass that up.  Now, I just wait for them to be perfectly ripe, peel them, usually just cut them into halves, and pop them all into a freezer-safe container and set them there until whenever I just have to have one.  I hate the consistency if I just dig in, but instant ice cream!!!  Come on.  How is it this easy?  Everyone I have forced to try it with me is blown away.  The frozen bananas are also great melted into things like oatmeal and baked goods.
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The other best part of my day (which left my miserable, miserable day at work sandwiched) was that I finally tried a yoga class at the gym!!  I was against it for a little while because I love my studio so much, but keeping in mind that I would like to continue saving some money for whatever the near future may have in store for me, I decided to dust off the membership that I haven’t used in a bit too long for good fashion, and give it a whirl.  I was not disappointed.  I could do half the poses, just like at my studio, and couldn’t do the other half that involved my hamstrings.  I don’t know why they have always been so horrible.  Honestly, I can’t quite keep my legs straight out in front of me without feeling them work.  They do loosen up the more consistently I push them into yoga.  But even when I was averaging my yoga studio 1.5 times a week, they never made it to ‘decent.’  I would definitely try it again (I think all three class times each week use slightly different methods).  Even on days that I was struggling / in a bad mood / did not want to leave my house after settling in… on all but one occassion, I would drive back home in such a nicer mood.  So glad I went (regardless of the fact that it took me a month to decide, hehe).

Namaste.  😉