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A night ending with a little Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist on Starz is a good night in my book.  I’ve been working through my little food explosion from last night, and still working through the worry / guilt I associate with not eating so great sometimes.  I’m choosing to forgive tonight.  On a side note, I tried to spend a few minutes with some bedroom yoga when I first got out of bed today.  Found out the hilarious way – I am not nearly coordinated, awake, or balanced enough to do anything but mountain pose (tadasana) effectively.  Morning yoga = fail.  Maybe night yoga will be more my speed.

My lunch today (spent with papa at the kitchen table) was so simple, but was exactly what I wanted!  Love that.

Light wheat bread, turned into toast, with 2 ounces of tempeh slit in half, a wedge of light swiss, and approximately my weight in homemade red sauce.  It was sort of sweet (maybe because of extra tomato paste), and so chunky!  It was amazing.  Amazing.  I was afraid it would go bad before I could enjoy it, but using this much, I will no longer be worried.  😉

Right?  An insane amount.  I mean a perfect amount.  It involved a knife and fork; I’m ok with that.  And then a mango, that was the only thing rivaling the red sauce in sheer volume.  It was my second time trying to actually slice one, with success!  This time, it took less time than the 15 minutes for my first attempt.  🙂  I didn’t have enough time to worry about eating it all, so the fancy pieces made their way back to work with me.

My day is wrapping up with some breakfast…  but prep this time.  Not like starting the day with a quesadilla and ending it with pancakes.

It comes complete with action sequence!

~ ~ ~

* 40 grams oats
* tsp powdered peanut butter
* tsp cocoa powder
* tbsp chia seeds
* tsp vanilla
* 2 packets of Splenda

All of my breakfast-sized bowls were in the dishwasher, so I decided this one would work.

I also decided it was bedtime, and that I could be daring by pouring the milk into a dry measuring cup seated pretty far from said bowl. Also that I could do all of this one-handed while snapping photos with my left.

Not a drop to cry over!  And then I whisked it pretty seriously. I was pretty proud of how little was lost in the whole process. The most time was actually spent with photo-induced confusion, trying out different scene settings, wasting time, and realizing I never turned on the macro setting. It was almost a lost effort.

Some serious whisking ensued.  Angela promised it makes the consistency just right.

And into the fridge until the morning.  🙂

Finishing touches and topping to come tomorrow.  Good night, all.