It seems that the pumpkin shortage from last season has finally hit me!!!  I went down to the pantry to grab a can, to try out Kath’s pumpkin pie yogurt for tomorrow’s breakfast, and there wasn’t a-one left!  I am pretty broken up about it.  Hopefully if I venture to the store for some next weekend, I’ll be able to find a can somewhere.  My fingers are crossed.  And as a result, some rearranging was just performed.

Monday | (soaked oats with dried fruit.  i should write these down soon!  i forgot about them until last night just before i went to bed.) (leftover pasta with blush sauce & 1/4 cup black beans) (pizza.  papa’s request for his first night “home with his girls.”  :-p)

B (overnight oats with vanilla chai protein powder, a nod to Heather’s!  she has been so many meal inspirations this week.  i’m excited to play with this one.)
L (tempeh sandwich with bbq sauce & avocado)
D (red quinoa salad with nooch {?!}, cayenne pepper sauce, pepper & onion, okra, tomatoes, blue cheese, zucchini…  can’t wait to play around with the nutritional yeast, either.  so many meals to sample this week.  hopefully it works out this time, haha.)
* Making hummus for later in the week.

Wednesday | (hummus with carrots & 1/2 cucumber.  english muffin with tomato paste & blue cheese) (out for dinner!)

L (leftover quinoa salad with red sauce)
D (hummus with 1/4 cuke and carrots.  grilled veggie, veggie burger, tomato paste sammich on wheat bread)

Friday | (grocery store salad bar?) (wheat bread french toast, stuffed with cream cheese?  haven’t made this in a year; it sounds like a perfect friday night idea as i type this…)