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I just had dinner tonight at 7:45. I may not have been hungry. And I had a blueberry muffin while cooking. But I decided it was best for my mom and my well-being to have a small, sit-down meal together. It’s been a crazy week. Things still aren’t finished up (everyone at home together), but all the parts are coming together, and there aren’t any new worries or confusion. So I’ll just stay hopeful that it happens soon. 🙂 My mom has obviously had an ever rougher week, so I was glad to fix some food for us. I’ve been making good things for myself the past few days, but she’s been out, running back and forth, etc.

No photos, but we had pasta with blush sauce. I made tomato sauce from our garden, and used enough this time! It was probably somewhere around 25 plum tomatoes, maybe more. Then I made my super simple blush sauce: 1 cup of my red sauce, 1/2 cup half and half, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese. We found a Penne Alla Vodka recipe a while ago, took out the vodka, and came up with something just a little bit more fancy than this. So these are the proportions I use to make a decadent, once-in-a-while pasta sauce. She was really happy with it. (As a side note, years ago we used heavy cream for this sauce. Last time I made it, I used fat-free half and half. This time I decided to compromise between milk and cream, and go for the real stuff. It’s basically what mind frame I’m in at the time. The fat-free one had so many added ingredients to make it resemble the real stuff.)  I’m so sleepy and so full.  🙂

For lunch, I followed Heather‘s suggestion, and gave the avocado a sweet chance.  And here you have it.  My newest love in the world of tortillas (wheat “xtreme wellness”), with 1.5 tbsp Crofter’s Asia, and 1 tbsp almond butter (Naturally More is my favorite, but it’s also the only almond butter I’ve tried.  It’s crispy.  Not chunky, but crispy, because of all the flax seed).

Topped off with… 2 ounces avocado!

I heated the tortilla, and then the tortilla topped with jam.  Then I sort of smushed the avocado; I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go for slices or completely creamy.  The verdict was: good!  I would definitely do it again.  It just kind of made the PB & J bulkier.  And creamier.  I didn’t realize until I was savoring it that I was taking a nod from Heather‘s questions about which calorie source people prefer in their diets – fat, protein, or carbohydrates.  This sandwich was filled with basically straight up fat.  Oh, so delicious sandwich.  I’m not sure if I’d do this often – pile up my higher fat sources into one small feast like this.  I love creamy avocado topping so much of what I eat, I think I’d still typically spread the love, and have the nut butter on something else to make that meal decadent, too.  In closing, I’m already worried the nut butter splurge wasn’t my strongest yesterday morning.  I stuck my finger in the jar early today, and had some difficulty pulling them away from each other.  As long as I keep considering how much I’m consuming, I should be fine.

A sweet almond butter avocado success.

Happy thoughts to finish out the night!  My family will all be home soon enough… hopefully tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow.  Even though my weekend was full of things like visiting, laundry, and washing dishes, it wasn’t a bad one.  I think sometimes it’s all about frame of mind.  I had a big pot of tea both days this weekend, and yesterday morning, did a really short round of yoga on my living room floor.  (After which, I pretended I was doing the deep relaxation bit and just about fell asleep.)  Catch you on the flip side…