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Happy Friday the 13th!  My mom and I have always said Friday the 13ths are usually good days for us.  I like “13”s in general.  And, as long as things keep going like they’re going, this one will be a good one too.  Everyone should be home together tomorrow.  🙂

I did wake up early to have a pot of tea.  I read some blogs and sat at my desk with the sunshine.  The tea wasn’t decaf (but it wasn’t too, too caf), I followed it with a mug of coffee when I got to work, and then a fake mocha donated by my boss around 4:30.  I didn’t end up jumping off the walls, though.  I guess my sleepy self welcomed the constant lifts, haha.

Love 🙂  Gosh, maybe I really am too easy to please.  I ended up dishing about the tea pot at work this afternoon, and how unnecessary but awesome and adorable it was.  And everyone humored me, so it seemed basically acceptable.  Technically, it was almost necessary for me right now.  My $0.75 dippable ball tea strainer is old, cheap, and therefore sort of falling apart.  So this purchase was more than 50 times that investment…  Look at that dragonfly!!!

Lunch today was a really yummy little sandwich of avocado, cilantro, tomato, and a quick, weird concoction centering around black beans.  I sort of made a 2-minute hummus… it was 1/2 cup of black beans, 1/2 tbsp tahini (freshly opened, and my first jar ever!), and bordering-on-overkill garlic salt.  I heated it all up a few times, and alternated between mushing with a fork and a butter knife.

I wasn’t used to the peanut buttery taste with the beans.  In real, food-processed hummus, I’m sure it would have been great.  With black beans, heated and forked a few times… a little interesting.  But good!  It was just new.  Clearly, I love crazy combinations…  I think they just keep food interesting.

It was all served on top of an open-faced english muffin – one of my favorite kitchen staples.  Sometimes (like twice in the past week, but not since months ago) I need doughy, filling real bread – like the kind I rambled about earlier this week, stolen from my mom.  But usually, I go for these little yummies – 100 calorie, multigrain english muffins by Thomas’.  They have 8 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein; but if I’m really desiring some comfort carbs, they won’t do the trick.  It’s definitely a mental thing since 97% of the time, I can make a meal on top of them.

Sweet dreams!  It’s been such a tired week.  I can’t wait to sink into my pillows.

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