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Today was pretty non-food-centric.  I went to visit my dad with my mom after work…  Some other stuff will be going on tomorrow, so I’m nervous, he’s nervous…  It should be fine.  I stayed through Jeopardy, which was a great idea.  And then I met two friends at Barnes and Noble for “coffee,” which ended up being a peppermint tea with sugar-free vanilla syrup, and a triple chocolate chunk cookie:

from starbucks.com

It was very delicious.  Not exactly what I’d choose on the top of my list for dinner (which is what it ended up being tonight), but I guess mildly comforting.  I liked just chatting with my friends over it – that was probably the better comfort in BN tonight.

This post is probably going to have to be done with just that.  I’m going to try to clear my mind out, say some prayers, watch really mind-numbing television, and maybe get an entire night’s sleep.  I can’t wait to have everything settled, and have tomorrow morning go alright.  Sorry for the talking around the issue; it’s not something I want to write about, but it’s what’s stuck on my mind.