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I’m going to keep it short…  The weekly menu crumpled already like usual, but for a reason other than myself this time.  I ended up scarfing down an english muffin with blue cheese, tomato, and balsamic vinegar in my car.  Not advised.  There was a mild family emergency this afternoon, so I went up to the hospital to keep my mom company and try to cheer my dad up.  He’s staying overnight, so he was sad, but he should be just fine; thankfully they found some things early because he made a doctor’s appointment!  I’m so thankful…

So lunch today is absolutely my new favorite sandwich.

Thick, soft, multigrain bread.  Usually I use light multigrain english muffins for all sandwiches, which are one of my go-to foods.  But this delightful bread made the sandwich enormous and plenty to keep me happy this afternoon.  Followed by a single-serve tub of Weight Watchers cream cheese.  I always went for nonfat cream cheese when I was interested in picking some up, but without fail, it would go bad before I could finish it all.  These aren’t fat free, but I think they contain fiber, they’re so creamy, and I guess are small enough that the calories stay low.  Crofter’s Asia!  It feels a little silly to really be so into this jam, but it has held up to all the hype.  It’s just jam.  But it is perfect jam.  It tastes like fruit, and it’s chunky and sweet (not too sweet).  The yumberries taste like yumberries!  (Gosh, sorry.  I would say I’m approximately 45% asleep.)

And finally, the tempeh.  I never went for tempeh with sweet ingredients before, but Kath was doing tempeh and jam sandwiches a while back, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Delightful.

And cream cheese is one of those things I always overlook for sandwiches, but never, ever should.  It goes back to cucumber and cream cheese teeny sandwiches when I used to go for afternoon tea in high school.  Adorable.

After I cut it, I heated up the tempeh for a few seconds, and threw the bread in with it for another few to knock off the chill from the fridge.  I realized that I should try for some veg, other than the fruit in the Crofter’s Asia, so I tossed on a little handful of baby carrots purchased yesterday.

I’ve still got black beans soaking, that were going to be used for dinner tonight.  But I’m not worrying about them now, or anything other than falling onto bed and sending happy thoughts to my papa.  I’ve heard people forgetting about them for days and being ok, so hopefully two will work out alright tomorrow now, and I’ll re-do some menu planning.  If not, I’ll chuck them and be on to the next dinner idea.  One of my avocados might be sufficiently ripe by tomorrow night.  Any meal based on that would be a winner in my book.

Sweet dreams!