Asia won!  It was the promise of “yumberries,” in the end.

I didn’t end up making oatmeal. I had big plans to spend the day (a.k.a. the afternoon, once I got moving) poolside, and I didn’t get into the kitchen until 11:00. I pulled out the remains of last night’s diner trip. Boxing up a good bit of it was the only good call made on the premises. So for my Sunday brunch, I heated up the remains of my veg egg white omelet, and reconstructed my dry wheat toast, fit into the toaster, and topped with my brand-new Crofter’s Asia.

The afternoon at the pool was great. It wasn’t uncomfortably hot. I lathered up with SPF 15, and left on shorts and a tank over my bathing suit. It made it feel like a combined pool / pajama day. I did some blogging stuff, some work stuff, and had some fun conversation with Jordan.

~ ~ ~
This summer, I set a crazy goal for myself: to make my way through all the books I’ve started before cracking open any new ones. I have never attempted this. At any one time, I typically have 15 books started. I can blame this on my pathetic attention span and my love of starting novels. I finished The Host, which I had started around a year and a half ago, and had no interest in continuing with. I picked it back up earlier this summer, and forced myself through about another 100 pages without gaining any interest. That’s like pulling teeth to me; I like to feel engaged on every page… which I suppose is where the problem lies. Anyway, after struggling with it for the second time, it ended up be great for the last hundreds of pages. I’d say more than 2/3-worth. And I got to check one off my list without adding any new ones! (This hasn’t happened since.)

Then I picked up Love in the Time of Cholera – this one I had started sometime in the spring. The first bit was descriptive and mostly set-up, but I like that sometimes. Then, again, when I would sit it down, I’d have to make myself pick it up again. So I just stopped. I tried again with The Know-It-All…  It’s like a gross, never-ending cycle. But I digress, I have once again picked up Love in the Time of Cholera, and decided that this time is the last time. It’s a beautiful story, and it’s holding me again. So I’ve set the date! I am determined to have it finished by next Saturday. Nineteen pages a day. I know, another nutty thing I do. I used to figure out what I had to stick with each day to get a book finished in time for class. It’s just a way to make sure (or try to make sure) that I read a little bit each day, and keep me from doing it sporadically and never finishing. So, absolutely attainable!

~ ~ ~

From Love in the Time of Cholera:

For even twenty fathoms underground he would instantly have recognized the husky voice he had carried in his soul ever since the afternoon when he heard her say in a swirl of yellow leaves in a solitary park:  “Now go, and don’t come back until I tell you to.”  He knew that she was sitting in the seat behind his, next to her inevitable husband, and he could detect her warm, even breathing, and he inhaled with love the air purified by the health of her breath.