Last session before cuddling up in bed – my weekly menu! I bought all my new things at Wegman’s yesterday (like my fancy organic grains, because their non-organic section was lackluster), and some fun regulars today, and I don’t want to let any of them slip without using them.  I’ll just post what meals I have worked out.  I have a few breakfasts I want to make, but they’ll probably get mixed up when I decide what I’m craving in the morning.  And like usual, these will probably all get changed and shuffled around if I go out to eat, if things go bad, or if something ends up sounding less delicious later.

Lunch * sweet tempeh sandwich with Crofter’s on thick bread
Dinner * toasted millet under: diced garden tomatoes, black beans, corn, plantains, and blue cheese crumbles

Lunch * leftovers
Dinner * homemade hummus, with new tahini paste and cilantro… on open-faced english muffin sandwich of avocado and tomato paste

Lunch * another veg sandwich, on thick multigrain bread
Dinner * corn, soy crumbles, pepper, tomatoes, onion, okra, mushrooms stir-fry

Lunch * english muffin sandwich of avocado, tomato, and blue cheese with balsamic vinegar
Dinner * tempeh with fresh tomato sauce, blue cheese crumbles, over a new grain

Dinner * barbecued tempeh sandwich on thick multigrain bread with blue cheese and tomato