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My lunch yesterday consisted mainly of frozen yogurt. It’s a hike to get to it from where I live, so any trip becomes an event for us. It’s also located in the same parking lot as the Wegman’s, so of course we stopped in. My friend Jordan is switching over to a vegetarian diet, and is very interested in healthy foods and putting better and better things into his body. A lot of our conversations recently have centered on flax seed, which is fine by me! I immediately headed for the bulk foods aisle.

It isn’t huge, but there’s nothing resembling a bulk section in my three regular grocery stores. (yes, three. pickins are slim around here, and i love new, fun foods.) They didn’t have everything I was interested in, but I picked up some nutritional yeast flakes:

and some grains:
millet, red quinoa, and amaranth

I’ve read a lot about red quinoa, which may be crunchier and chewier than regular quinoa. I can’t wait to play with fresh recipes for it.  i reconstructed and tacked on the labels from Wegman’s to my ball jars, because some of them have instructions for the grains!

Emily loves millet, and that was the only reason I bought it. I’ve gotten away from sit-down protein-grain-veg dinners, but I’m ready to bring them back with a vengeance. And I read a lot about amaranth on some vegan cooking communities I had been following. I always thought it sounded like a liquor or something that belonged in an old-time apothecary. Turns out, it’s a grain. It looks like a grain. Its name alone is enough to make me want to cook with it all the time, just so I can say it to people.

Also included in my purchases may have been all four varieties of Crofter’s.

I don’t even know what they taste like, or if I will end up strongly disliking them. But Kath’s fondness earlier this year was enough to sell me. I thought they were only available at Whole Foods. So when I passed them on a random end-cap, I tried to pick the two I was most excited for, and declared that I had to have every one, because otherwise how will I know if I’m missing my new favorite thing?! I’m a nut – especially, but not limited to, when it comes to food.

It’s time to go make a yummy bowl of oats and pick which Crofter’s I want to open first.