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My day had a fantastic food start, but ended with some very silly meal decisions. I haven’t made any quite so silly in a while, so I’m going to not beat myself up over it. Let’s work backwords, so I can end with the positive.

I went to a Keane concert with a friend.  These are my only photos from the venue (or the venue’s parking lot, if we’re getting specific).  I may harbor a fear of getting my camera confiscated at shows, so I usually bring it as far as the car and abandon hope there.

It’s even more beautiful inside the venue.

I am not a Keane fan; I’ve only heard one or two songs by them.  But the ladies sitting around us were pretty excited. I, however, was in it for the Ingrid Michaelson Experience, as she so flitfully put it at the end of her set. She may have been wearing a tutu, and ended by announcing (what I assumed could only be a joke) that their last song was going to be a Britney Spears song, and she hoped we were ok with that.  No joke; she and her band performed a hilarious (read: sort of good) rendition of Toxic. This song will always remind me of my favorite red-headed roommate in college, who told us one day that he “accidentally” downloaded it through iTunes, and spent the rest of our junior year singing it.

We left the concert early, after giving Keane a nice hour of our time.  But since I’m off wine this week, and for absolutely no good or bad reason, I blurted out, ok, let’s get something delicious on the way home.  Enter my first solid 11:00 PM diner drip in maybe the past three years.  Several things were consumed.  Most were good.  I made good-in-comparison decisions (egg white omelet instead of chocolate chip waffle covered in ice cream), but still on the opposite end of the spectrum from where I usually am.  Like I said, though, this really doesn’t happen any more… a big one-time night slip off the wagon will have to just be left at that.  So on to my morning that started the day off so strong!

~ ~ ~
Breakfast time on Saturday mornings is usually a 1/3-cappuccino 2/3-coffee 16 oz cup from Wawa on my way out the door.  So today, “lunchtime” was a great bowl of cereal.

Because i follow Weight Watchers, I end up including random amounts of ingredients to make my meals add up to the portions I want.  I guess not everyone does this…?  When I use my food scale for things like pepitas and almond milk, I get some silly stares in my house.  I love my red scale, and I don’t think our bond will be easily broken.  (Though she is getting sort of finicky with old age.  How long do delicate scales last?)

I guessed around 1.5 cups of strawberries, and one of my banana-lets with a big end chunk handed over to my mom.  This bowl was serious fruit.  The raw oats seemed like such a good idea.  Months ago, I tried a crazy-natural approach, and soaked some rolled oats in water overnight.  In the morning, I would drain them, add raisins and walnuts, and heat them up in the microwave.  I forgot about that until tonight – they’ll have to make a comeback soon!  Anyway, I figured some raw oats in my cereal bowl would be great, too…  except I thought quick-cooking (1-minute) oats would work even better and soften even more.  Wrong.  They basically turned into a mushy slop in the bottom of the bowl.  Gross in concept, fine to eat my way through.  They gave the almond milk a good flavor, but I wouldn’t want to deal with that texture again when I know how great rolled oats hold up.

And finally, a great pile of fiber one original bran on top to round it out.  This bowl may have been larger than my head.  And yes, this looks like bird food, but plain cereals are my favorite because of how well they can be doctored up.  Amazing.

This week, I’m going to try to work on the kinds of foods I’m eating, and proving to myself that smaller portions are just as good as out of control ones. I want to concentrate more on clean foods… I do so great with planning out meals, and then snack cravings attack and I can’t pull myself out of them for a while. I didn’t have a bad week last week, but I want to be better this week. and MUCH better than tonight.

My huge bowls of cereal might be making a comeback in a big way. And come to think of it, maybe my gigantic fruit salads, as well.  They both take a while to eat for not too many calories, and are so sweet and delicious.

~ ~ ~


I woke up this morning with a funny taste in my head.
Spackled some butter over my whole grain bread.
Something tastes different, maybe it’s my tongue.
Something tastes different, suddenly I’m not so young.