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we got chinese food for dinner.  i haven’t binged once this week.  i’m feeling very on-plan and a-ok (weight watchers-style).  so i decided a big, real dinner would be more than ok.  i did snack on some left over brownie/cookies, but i didn’t turn into a mess.  🙂

i tried the tofu and broccoli in brown sauce, instead of my love – a straight up pint of broccoli.  covered in brown sauce (which is the only food i ignore and pretend is vegetarian), poured over white rice, it’s in my list of top favorite foods.  it may very well be number one.
i was hoping the tofu would give me some more staying power.  and it looked so deceiving, i made my mom take a bite first because i was semi-convinced it was chicken.  i gave her a tiny bite off my fork, she chewed exactly once, wrinkled her nose and said it was definitely not chicken.  it was hilarious, only because at that point i immediately took a bite and knew that it only tasted like brown sauce… and deep fried.
and i’m still decidedly full (not uncomfortable!)  i’m not craving any snacks; i haven’t all week, come to think of it.  i might even be considering a gym trip for the morning.  i haven’t chosen to go in a while.  i get hungry later in the day when i don’t.  and i’ve been having such problems sleeping, i keep deciding that a chance for more sleep is such a better idea than waking up early to drive out to the gym.  i went down for the first time before 11:00 last night.  i turned my TV off around 11:30 and was so creeped out by being so awake (listening to my fan and staring at the wall), i turned it back on.  i crashed with it on for a 1/2 hour or more, woke up pretty disoriented, walked out to the bathroom… decided to try again to fall back to sleep.  i don’t know what the deal is.  i’m so tired when i lay down, and then i snap out of it.  ok, here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep (starting just about immediately!) and a shot at the gym tomorrow.  i might cancel my membership in the near future and opt to save a little more money wherever i can.  i love walking outside, and i could see doing it when it’s chillier out, too… it’s easy to say that now.  and if i can ever get back into the spirit of it, go back to yoga.
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Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life.  – Kobi Yamada