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Isn’t my ride to work pretty?  I have approximately a four and a half minute commute right now, which is awesome.  But I miss the time I used to have in the car to listen to new music.  I was sort of spoiled with my last commute, too, though – it was a few gorgeous roads through the country, without traffic (after my dad righted the terrible way I took originally).

My leftovers from last night’s sauce and whole wheat pasta!  Shop Rite brand is my current favorite pasta; it’s usually the only one in the store that’s straight 100% whole wheat instead of a blend, and it’s typically 1/2 as expensive as the blends.  I threw in a soy sausage patty to give it some more staying power… luckily enough, since I forgot to take a snack, and got slammed with a mini project to finish in the afternoon.

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To ring in Monday, I decided what I needed most was a Target trip.  I’m way too passionate about Target.  I went to the really nice one, which might be 3 minutes farther from my house than the original.  I stood in front of place mats for about six solid minutes.  I loved this design.  Possibly more than anyone should ever care either way about a place mat (fabric or not).

And I finally decided that the few dollars was worth it, because what if they never carry the design again, and I’m always sad I left it behind?  I eat in my bedroom a decent amount, and I think it would be sweet if I got an adorable little set-up for it.  Also finally, I decided I clearly needed two.  Because when I finally get an apartment, what would I ever do with one place mat that wouldn’t be better done with two?!  I was way too close to buying the four-pack of fabric napkins.  I walked away.  Quickly.  And don’t even regret the two place mats!  When I do move out, I decided, it will be plenty simple enough to find another pack of plain black fabric napkins that would work with these place mats.  Haha.  The idea of having a few sets and washing them seems so awesome to me; so much less waste!

My other excited purchases included fiber one cereal – that I promptly had a bowl, with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, during the Big Bang Theory.

And this cutie that I haven’t had in my life in way too long:

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Favorite quote I read today:
Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.  – W. Somerset Maugham