Happy August!  Like always, I have no idea how it happened already.

My cousin’s wedding last night was a lot of fun.  I, however, ended up spending my morning in recovery.  I felt good again around lunchtime, with my first coffee-including green smoothie.  The chocolate protein powder and instant espresso kept it from turning green… so it was just a tan-colored green smoothie.

I wasn’t interested in doing much today, but I convinced mom not to give away all of our tomatoes by telling her I could make some homemade sauce.  I saw in Kath’s post about her mom’s sauce that it shouldn’t be any more difficult than gutting, chopping, and simmering, and it really wasn’t.  They cooked down to only a small amount… which just means that I was right and can probably use all of our extra crop!  It came out pretty red and really delicious.  I didn’t add spices to the pan and opted to fancy it up at the table, because I wanted to see how the fresh, cooked tomatoes would compare to other sauces.

I rinsed all the tomatoes, and then remembered I had to quick-boil them to get the skins to remove themselves.

They each got boiled for about a minute (until they had developed a little gash in their skins) and then plunked into ice water so I could peel them.

They look pretty weird without their outsides… sort of reminded me of how hermit crabs should never be separated from their shells.

I’m not always the most organized person in the kitchen.  My setup worked fine today.  There might have been a small bit of a mess.  And a tomatoey trail from my cutting plate to the colander in the sink.  It clearly would have been silly to just move the plate.

They drained for a few minutes, which didn’t amount to much because of how much I massacred them on the cutting plate.

Once they found their way to my old wok that’s been ignored (stir fry should make its way back into my dinner spotlight soon!):

Starting to actually look like sauce to me:

And all finished up pre-dinner.  Tasted and declared delicious.  Spooned into one small-ish pile to wait for the pasta:

Some funny camera decisions around the color, but the sauce was simple and good.

I bought capers today for no reason at all, other than the fact that I realized this year they weren’t an animal product, and are constantly listed on menus as the extra ingredient in pasta dishes.  I liked their weird bite and saltiness, and am definitely adding them to the leftovers waiting for my lunch tomorrow.

It’s off to bed to fall asleep to Life as a House.  I should have gotten to bed earlier to try to regain some of what I lost last night.  I decided that I’ll be passing on my idea of heading to the gym in the morning in hopes of a good sleep.  Fingers crossed for happy sleeping, less tossing, and no crazy dreams involving the TV show I’ve been marathoning on lately.